Help us get to Durban

We have been invited to Durban for a soccer tour starting on the 21 September and coming back on the 28 September . While this is a fantastic opportunity for the team to get exposure and to experience something new. 

We are really battling to raise the funds to send to feed the boys while we are down in Durban, if we can get the meals sponsored we would be very happy.

Please forward this to any one you believe could help.

We’re struggling with getting together the resources for the trip. We’re working one step at a time and could have an accommodation sponsor but its not yet confirmed. Basically I’m asking you guys for R300/player which could go a helluva long way to covering our costs per youngster. If you can’t do R300, we’re more than willing to take R500. Inbox me for bank details or additional information. For many players this will be a first time trip to the coast and a great opportunity to show our skills outside of the province. We have asked players to contribute but being from underprivileged and single parent households we’re not holding our breaths. Your assistance with this adventure will be greatly appreciated. We’re looking at taking all three teams so about 45 boys. Your assistance in this regard will be highly appreciated. At the moment we have no cut off time for the donations. God bless. Our details are: Account holder: Alchemy Sport and Recreation

Account number: 40 214 1342
Type of account: Cheque
Bank: Standard
Branch: The Glen
Branch code: 006005

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Susan Abulhawa to visit Midas

FC Barcelona fans in South Africa host Susan Abulhawa, founder of Playgrounds for Palestine

 Susan Abulhawa


Mzansi Penya Barcelonista will host the author of Mornings in Jenin and founder of Playgrounds for Palestine at a discussion and exchange about the importance of sports for the promotion of human rights and solidarity in South Africa, Palestine and wherever people are living under oppression.


The event takes place at Die Fakkel Hoerskool, cnr Rifle Range Road and Carter Avenue, South Hills, Thursday, 14 March 2013. It will start at 4.30 pm with a prayer by Bishop Paul Verryn, and will be followed by a tour of the Midas Community Football Academy. Midas is a community football academy seeking out talent from children living in poor communities. At 5.30 pm, a discussion will follow which will include members of Atlantis Swim Club, the Abu Asvat Institute and other members of the SAVE OUR POOL CAMPAIGN (Lenasia).


The event is open to all sports and peace-loving people.

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Intellectual Colonisation and Football


If you look at the historical records of the modern world
you will observe that the only part of the world that was
not colonized was Europe. This was so because Europe was
doing the colonizing. From Chile in the extreme west to
Vietnam in the Far East, all the countries that were not
European fell under their influence because at some or
other time they were colonized by one or other European

They initially came for raw materials and then they saw
people as raw material. With the co-operation of local
people who Frantz Fanon refers to as ‘factors,’ they
extracted people from their natural environments and sold
them off as slaves. Their imperial project was complete
when they took over foreign lands as parts of their

The imperial system has ended but its effects, as is patent
for all to see, are far from eradicated.

Intellectual colonization

Colonization is about the occupation of another’s land by
use of force. It is about submitting the indigenous people
to the dictates of the metropole country. It is about
taking control, ultimately, of all facets of colonized
people’ lives. It is about subjugating whole nations. It is
complete when one’s mind is filled with thoughts about the
metropole instead of one’s own country.


Football is an excellent example of intellectual
colonization. Over a number of years the process has been
shaped through use of a very important tool that is used as
part of the ideological apparatus: it is the media.

For many years we have been fed on a diet of English
football with the consequence being that numerous South
Africans express allegiance for an English team as opposed
to one that is South African.

This observation is particularly applicable to specific
social groups in the country. They support English teams
and have foreign players as their heroes. They advertise
their allegiance to these foreign teams by wearing the
team’s jersey and engage in football-talk with an English
team or player as the topic for discussion.

These people do not support South African football, so
they are unlikely to know the players’ names and it is
therefore impossible that they will have local players as
their heroes. They show a passing interest in the fortunes
of Bafana Bafana.

We thus have a situation where the football public is split
into two groups. The one group follows local football and
the other doesn’t.

This brings me to the formulation of a hypothesis which
states: There is a direct correlation between the degree of
access to information media and the degree of intellectual
colonization that a person experiences.

The invert of this hypothesis is: Those people with less
exposure to media show a low degree of intellectual

These hypotheses are almost commonsensical as what they
tell us is that a concomitant consequence of access to
media is the potential to imbibe ideology in various forms.

The conclusion thus reached is that the people who have
undergone the greatest degree of intellectual colonization
are those who have been consistently exposed to alien
knowledge forms. It is a truly ironical situation because
in our belief that we grow from exposure to variety we
now realize that there is a parallel process at work. In
actuality those most exposed to media show the greatest
degree of intellectual colonization and thus are the
biggest victims of the process.

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The Football Institute (Pty.) Ltd.

Vital areas of coaching and training where The Football Institute can provide essential data and practical solutions that reflect South African specificity:


  • The early age talent identification concept and unique particularities to be considered in the selection criteria of South African children
  • Optimal ratio of training factors in the development of our youth considering the contrast between exquisite predispositions and significant limitations/weaknesses
  • The development of complete football brain capacity
  • The necessity of complementary loco-motor and  specific physical ability enhancement programmes
  • Addressing the major need of developing a player’s strong individuality before maximizing a collective game approach and efficiency
  • A South African specific game mentality and corresponding game features, organization and strategies
  • Superior standards – exceeding the current international levels – on individual and team mobility, work rate (sustained pace) and attacking diversity
  • Special forms of defence considering the strengths and limitations of our players
  • A unique approach to the play system and group tactics
  • Psychological superiority based on advanced ball technique and exquisite intricate movement
  • The role of diet in generating high complexity effort and optimal recuperation
  • The absolute necessity of establishing a technical authority (Technical Committee) that ensures continuity in coaching concept uniformity and total respect for our specificity in both youth development and professional clubs throughout SAFA and PSL.  It is particularly imperative that such control and guidance is established unconditionally and immediately over the PSL clubs as aver 90% of our best talent is trained and coached within the professional ranks. 
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Ubuntu – you are known for your generosity

When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others.
— Chinese Proverb
One of the sayings in our country is Ubuntu – the essence of being human. Ubuntu speaks particularly about the fact that you can’t exist as a human being in isolation. It speaks about our interconnectedness. You can’t be human all by yourself, and when you have this quality –
We think of ourselves far too frequently as just individuals, separated from one another, whereas you are connected and what you do affects the whole World. When you do well, it spreads out; it is for the whole of humanity. – Archbishop Desmond Tutu

When the very blood in our veins teaches us about generosity and helping others. How can we the “some-fortunate” not look to our colleagues and our businesses and not ask for a helping hand?

There is nothing so precious, as a man’s time. When he gives of it, we know he gives up something else to be there – to help.

To our academy’s volunteers, thank you for your precious time.

Help us, support our volunteers. Ask your companies and help us raise funds for the fine volunteers of Midas.

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Letter to the Editor

Published in the Business Day on 21/02/2013



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Homegrounds Gyms

October saw us securing a gym venue. Getting it up to scratch was hard work, many tears and back rubs later this is our new gym

The Gym today Work in Progress where we still need alot of equipment to get the best value out of it

Floor painting, thank you to Hydra-Spes Hydraulics who was kind enough to buy us floor paint for the Gym

Repair of lights and switches Thank you to Kensington Electrica Wholesalers Rashid Essop Moosa and Shoumiera Moosa

Trojan Gym that we purchased after a number of friends and family of Dale Jeevanantham contributed to our efforts Many Thanks once again!


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