What Is Inspiration.

There are levels to inspiration, one to have a dream, two looking up to a role model, three completing the story, and four having people believe the way we believe in what we are doing.

These boys are inspired by a dream of being a professional soccer player, they look up to professionals seen  on TV all over the world, they try to complete their story each day they pitch up for training and for games, but they are also inspired by their parents, coaches, management staff and sponsors because we believe as they believe.

What am I getting at may be the question you are asking right now, I’m  trying to show you that the more support we have the more boys will be motivated to do more than what is expected.

Motivation leads to more than just becoming something  in your dream, motivation creates discipline, creative minds, outstanding behavior, self-confidence, and most definitely guides a boy to becoming a man, that’s only something that any parent would wish for.

Every wish comes with the will to do it, and we wish we could help these boys more than we are doing now, we just need your will power to help us, unfortunately everything comes with a price and we need your help make price become a dream come true.

Donations are highly appreciated, tap on the donations page and click on your preferred option of engagement.


Thank you.

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Midas top 8 winter festival the beginning of something bigger.

Midas Eldorado Park winter top 8 festival a success, teams from all over  joined us in showcasing their talent, witnessing the different styles of football all at one venue was beautiful to watch, lets hope that this will become something to look forward to each year still to come.

U17s winner: Wits

U17s 2nd place: Tsunami

U13s winner: Super Stars

U13s 2nd place: Midas

*Special Award winners under Goal keeper of the tournament, top goal scorer, player of the tournament and juggling competition winner.

U17 goal keeper of the tournament: from Wits (Precious Mgulle)

U13 goal keeper of the tournament: From Midas (Liyema Mooi)

U17 top goal Scorer: from Lamasia (Leonardo Rooi )

U13 top goal Scorer: from Midas (Allesandro buys)

U17 Player of the tournament: from Midas (Yusuf Pepper)

U13 player of the tournament: from Midas (Reece Louw)

Juggling competition winners: Skyler Roberts from superstars and Allesandro buys from Midas.


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This was a wonderful tournament full of admirable talent, participative coaching staff and sportsmanship and a family fun event, thank you to all the support looking forward to more challenging events .

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2018 You miss 100% of the shots you dont take.

We begin this year with new Goals, new and old boys, but most importantly new Ideas.

U18’s Engine tournament was our first Challenge for this year.

Engen we had a close call where we nearly qualified for the main event and was worried as this team is made up 80% U16 born 2002 and 2003 with the main tournament being born 2000. The highlight being that in our group we did better than expected and were outclassed by Shumba who prepared their outfit for Bayhill with most players having 2-3 years experience playing this tournament. We beat UJ and Florida Albion and drew against ProAcademy.

Well Done : Coach Shifa and Coach Jabu.

The deliverables are that this players will have experienced what to expect where we work to compete for Discovery 2018 and Engen 2019.

This year looks like it will have more interesting events in store for us, below are our U13s that took part in the Pinaar Tournament.

We give thanks to our 1st team boys as their season draws to a close, may you stay safe, and always continue to persue your goals.


Midas participating and taking these boys out for a Daddy and son lunch, some boys dont have the privilege of having a father figure around them all the time, some of these boys need it on a daily basis and we are proud to have been a part of this event, for every boy needs his Father.


Our boys talent is beyond our control, they have it all, just not the equipment that they really need, below is a picture of their eveyday equipment.

Our thoughts and prayers are with one of our U17 players “speedy” Wakheem Lesar who was stabbed Saturday night who is recovering in hospital.

In our continuous efforts to try and give our boys the tools on looking after themselves after hours is our community’s problem. We really need to soften the blow of this life cycle.


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Its not just about the players, but also their safety and facilities given to them.

Incredibly grateful for our dear friend Maurice Van Rooy and his team who was instrumental in 2008 to get the Ext 6 Fields Lights working and 2018 light up our fields at the Blue School. We are truly blessed with the people around us.

A BIG thank you from us all that you and your family be blessed in abundance.

Thank you to All That helped us and turned our dreams into a reality.

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Thank you to all the Friends, Family, Players, and community members that helped us paint the Midas Container, and also to our sponsors for allowing this to Happen.

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2017 Work Hard, Play Hard and Stay Hungry.

In our continious efforts for players route to professionalism. We are proud of Brodwin Palmer and Beucannon Williams who have been selected by Stars Of Africa. Their 1st order of business would be the Engen 2017 finals. We look forward to seing them grow!


Big ups to the ladies Midas team participating in the American International School tournament and their coach Shifa Fredericks.


U16s taking 3rd place in the American International School tournament with their president Zayd Fredericks, coach Neo and assistant coach Kaylin by their side.

This pic says more than words can.


Wishing one of our first team players a speedy recovery, through his hard work and effort, we give thanks to all he has offered, and we hope he will be back and playing again soon.

Engine U17s are Ready for you, this one should be interesting, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesnt change you.


We give Gratitude to our coach Shifa Fredericks for representing Midas at the SAB U21 National cup Finals, opening doors each day.


President of Midas Football academy meets David Makhura Manemolla David Makhura (born 22 February 1968) is a South African politician and the current Premier of Gauteng following his appointment in 2014.[1] Makhura is a member of the African National Congress (ANC). Makhura is also the trustee of the Board of the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation.


We end a lovely year off with the Annual Midas Durban tour. What an amazing year building confidence, giving smiles, fulfilling our desires, meeting people every day, and gaining more people to help our society.

Its not easy but it is most definitely worth it.


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The year 2016 Everything is out of reach, until you reach it.

Congrats on passing your Medical Course Shifa!!! from Midas U17 player to Asst Coach to  coach and now qualified First Aid.


Another successfull year, leading to another wonderfull Durban tour and giving these boys an opportunity to showcase their talent and exhibiting the hard work they have put in all year through.


Lets keep these boys striving to excellence.

Well done to our U13s, this weekend was busy and productive where coach Neo did an excellent job being an instrumental to winning the lil champs tournament in Kliptown on Saturday. Thank you to Bernard Parker and Jerome Slim for a wonderful event.

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Well done to Midas U13 Tournament 3rd place finalist at Florida Albion FC.

We are against racism, especially in and around sports and culture. We call to “STOP” the racist attacks and behaviour by our youth at higher learning institutions….


Our very own coach Jabulani Nkosi featuring in Laduma.


Wonderful is the word to discribe the event, Thank you to all those who came and helped with our going green in Eldoradopark function, and a big thank you to Rhema Varrie on giving back to the community, we look forward to having bigger and better events, hoping more and more people will paticipate.


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2015 Looking beyond what we expect.

Update in 2014 we had a spectaular event,  I know we had a rough day but the boys from Midas Football Academy – Sports arm of Alchemy Sports and Recreation made our day just a little bit brighter. Well done: Blaid BekkerZiyaad FredericksWayne MujuruGerald Ndlovu These young men play in our U17 team that drew with the Golden Arrows Castle league team 0-0  you made us very proud guys.

2015 boys change an turned into men.

Watching these boys grow from U13- open team, opens our eyes to th point that we only have such little time to try and make a change in their lives, its challenging, it tests your patience and understanding but in the end, every single moment was worth it.

thank you for your continious support and contributions2015

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