The Football Institute (Pty.) Ltd.

Vital areas of coaching and training where The Football Institute can provide essential data and practical solutions that reflect South African specificity:


  • The early age talent identification concept and unique particularities to be considered in the selection criteria of South African children
  • Optimal ratio of training factors in the development of our youth considering the contrast between exquisite predispositions and significant limitations/weaknesses
  • The development of complete football brain capacity
  • The necessity of complementary loco-motor and  specific physical ability enhancement programmes
  • Addressing the major need of developing a player’s strong individuality before maximizing a collective game approach and efficiency
  • A South African specific game mentality and corresponding game features, organization and strategies
  • Superior standards – exceeding the current international levels – on individual and team mobility, work rate (sustained pace) and attacking diversity
  • Special forms of defence considering the strengths and limitations of our players
  • A unique approach to the play system and group tactics
  • Psychological superiority based on advanced ball technique and exquisite intricate movement
  • The role of diet in generating high complexity effort and optimal recuperation
  • The absolute necessity of establishing a technical authority (Technical Committee) that ensures continuity in coaching concept uniformity and total respect for our specificity in both youth development and professional clubs throughout SAFA and PSL.  It is particularly imperative that such control and guidance is established unconditionally and immediately over the PSL clubs as aver 90% of our best talent is trained and coached within the professional ranks. 
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