2014 A new year with new sets of opportunities.

Karl Sebastian Clements making us proud again, being a feature on the Laduma website. I’m sad that they don’t mention that he came from us. When he went to Sundowns it was on loan from us. His true development happened at Midas Football Academy – Sports arm of Alchemy Sports and Recreation.

This year has had a great start and its going to be a year of opportunities for many others.2013 22013

This year, was a year of change, acceptance and learning.
The above pictures show the boys on the beach training, working hard to achieve and persue their dreams.
We have grown as a team, and will continue to grow, These boys have been given a chance to get away from the life they know, the life of alcohol, drugs, gangsterism, fighting etc.
Each step they take to training is a step closer to getting them out of their bad situations.
Each step they take to games is a step closer to a better future.
Each step they take to opportunities you provide for them by supporting them and helping us help them, gives them a chance in life to have hope.
Having hope will take many to a bigger and better place,  a place you helped provide for them.
Thank you for helping us and helping contribute to these boys .
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