2017 Work Hard, Play Hard and Stay Hungry.

In our continious efforts for players route to professionalism. We are proud of Brodwin Palmer and Beucannon Williams who have been selected by Stars Of Africa. Their 1st order of business would be the Engen 2017 finals. We look forward to seing them grow!


Big ups to the ladies Midas team participating in the American International School tournament and their coach Shifa Fredericks.


U16s taking 3rd place in the American International School tournament with their president Zayd Fredericks, coach Neo and assistant coach Kaylin by their side.

This pic says more than words can.


Wishing one of our first team players a speedy recovery, through his hard work and effort, we give thanks to all he has offered, and we hope he will be back and playing again soon.

Engine U17s are Ready for you, this one should be interesting, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesnt change you.


We give Gratitude to our coach Shifa Fredericks for representing Midas at the SAB U21 National cup Finals, opening doors each day.


President of Midas Football academy meets David Makhura Manemolla David Makhura (born 22 February 1968) is a South African politician and the current Premier of Gauteng following his appointment in 2014.[1] Makhura is a member of the African National Congress (ANC). Makhura is also the trustee of the Board of the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation.


We end a lovely year off with the Annual Midas Durban tour. What an amazing year building confidence, giving smiles, fulfilling our desires, meeting people every day, and gaining more people to help our society.

Its not easy but it is most definitely worth it.


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