2018 You miss 100% of the shots you dont take.

We begin this year with new Goals, new and old boys, but most importantly new Ideas.

U18’s Engine tournament was our first Challenge for this year.

Engen we had a close call where we nearly qualified for the main event and was worried as this team is made up 80% U16 born 2002 and 2003 with the main tournament being born 2000. The highlight being that in our group we did better than expected and were outclassed by Shumba who prepared their outfit for Bayhill with most players having 2-3 years experience playing this tournament. We beat UJ and Florida Albion and drew against ProAcademy.

Well Done : Coach Shifa and Coach Jabu.

The deliverables are that this players will have experienced what to expect where we work to compete for Discovery 2018 and Engen 2019.

This year looks like it will have more interesting events in store for us, below are our U13s that took part in the Pinaar Tournament.

We give thanks to our 1st team boys as their season draws to a close, may you stay safe, and always continue to persue your goals.


Midas participating and taking these boys out for a Daddy and son lunch, some boys dont have the privilege of having a father figure around them all the time, some of these boys need it on a daily basis and we are proud to have been a part of this event, for every boy needs his Father.


Our boys talent is beyond our control, they have it all, just not the equipment that they really need, below is a picture of their eveyday equipment.

Our thoughts and prayers are with one of our U17 players “speedy” Wakheem Lesar who was stabbed Saturday night who is recovering in hospital.

In our continuous efforts to try and give our boys the tools on looking after themselves after hours is our community’s problem. We really need to soften the blow of this life cycle.


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