What Is Inspiration.

There are levels to inspiration, one to have a dream, two looking up to a role model, three completing the story, and four having people believe the way we believe in what we are doing.

These boys are inspired by a dream of being a professional soccer player, they look up to professionals seen  on TV all over the world, they try to complete their story each day they pitch up for training and for games, but they are also inspired by their parents, coaches, management staff and sponsors because we believe as they believe.

What am I getting at may be the question you are asking right now, I’m  trying to show you that the more support we have the more boys will be motivated to do more than what is expected.

Motivation leads to more than just becoming something  in your dream, motivation creates discipline, creative minds, outstanding behavior, self-confidence, and most definitely guides a boy to becoming a man, that’s only something that any parent would wish for.

Every wish comes with the will to do it, and we wish we could help these boys more than we are doing now, we just need your will power to help us, unfortunately everything comes with a price and we need your help make price become a dream come true.

Donations are highly appreciated, tap on the donations page and click on your preferred option of engagement.


Thank you.

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